Class  Schedule  2016-2017

ARB strongly recommends and encourages all Academy and Pre-Professional students to take the Full Recommended Curriculum offered for their level for maximum progress:

 - Academy  division (all levels) - 4 days/week (2 classes/day),Character class,Contemp class
 - Pre-Professional division (all levels) - 5 days/week (2 classes/day),Character class,Contemp class

This is especially important for students who are preparing for competitions or audition at higher level educational institution or professional ballet companies

Students, who do not wish to commit to the Full Recommended Curriculum due to other activities, school/family obligations, etc. can take advantage of Open Ballet Schedule

To schedule a placement class and receive further information about our classes,please contact                                                       [email protected]

2017 Spring Session class schedule

Academy (9-10 years old)
Academy  (10-11 years old)
Academy (11-12 years old)
Pre-professional (12-13 years old)
Pre-Professional students (age 12-13 years old) take 4 days minimum

Pre-professional (13-14 years old)
Pre-Professional students (age 13-14 years old) take 5 days minimum (classes recomendations by Artistic Faculty)

Pre-professional (14 and older)
Pre-Professional  students (age 14 and older) take 5 days minimum (classes recomendations by Artistic Faculty)