Illinois Classical Ballet

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Pre-Academy I
The main attention is paid to development of creative movement, nonverbal self-expression, imagination, rhythm, musicality and body awareness.
Introduction to Floor Barre exercises that designed to develop correct posture, and proper alignment in a safe, effective manner
Pre-Academy II
Attention is paid to placement and correct body alignment,ballet positions,placement of the body, legs, arms, and head,coordination skills.
Floor Barre exercises will be further emphasized and increasing difficulty will be added to the student's Floor Barre routine with each semester.
Students will be introduced to the study of acting in ballet classes while also continuing their study of age-appropriate repertoire and dances.

Academy I
Great attention is paid to the placement of the body, legs, arms and head in the exercises at the barre and in the center of the studio.
Along with the mastering of jumps and placement of the body on the toes, the development of elementary skills and the coordination of movements are studied
Continue concentrating on Pre-Pointe exercises

Academy II
Repetition and development of skills learned in the first level with an addition of epaulement
Continue strengthening feet through the exersices at barre on demi-pointe
Large poses at 90 degrees in attitude and arabesque are introduced and practiced in exercises and in adagio
Students who are ready to begin to work en pointe,will do so first with exercises at the barre, followed by beginning exercises in the center

Academy III
Further development of legs' strength, stability, and introduction of demi-pointe in exercises in the center of the studio. The exercises are done in an accelerated tempo
Introduction of movements en tournant, pirouettes, and battus
Continues the development of beginning pointework as students gain muscle strength and control.

Academy IV
Stability on demi-pointe and pointe is stressed further with the introduction of grand poses
Preparation for turns and tours lent in grand poses and pirouettes
In center combinations, the use of movements en tournant is stressed, as are the basics of battus, jumps landing on one leg, and grand allegro


Pre-Professional I
Students continue to develop balance and stability
Introduction of movements en tournant on demi-pointe, turns in big poses, and pirouettes from different preparations (both stationary and on a diagonal).
Focus on learning the technique of different turns on pointe
More difficult forms of grand adagio with different tempos are introduced, and stress is also placed on developing elevation in grand allegro.

Pre-Professional II
Turns in big poses with double pirouettes, and with different preparations,focus on polishing combinations and technique of different turns on demi-pointe and pointe (stationary and traveling), as well as developing the technique of multiple pirouettes
Polishing the technique of battus and grand allegro from different preparation

Pre-Professional III
The most difficult forms of adagio are introduced, including adagio with big jumps
Polishing the technique of turns and more advanced allegros (such as sissonne with battus and en tournant).
Focus on allegro combinations with traveling (on a straight line and on a diagonal) as well as en tournant

Pre-Professional IV
Further development of combinations in adagio, allegro, and exercises on pointe, with the use of both classical and contemporary music